Open Coworking Core Values Talk: Collaboration

Great things happen when people come together.

Last night was the first broadcast of the Open Coworking talks about the five coworking core values, starting with collaboration since it was International Collaboration Day. We heard Melissa Mesku and Shuli Hallak, members of New Work City in New York, elaborate on collaboration between members of their space. Following that, Rachel Young from Camaraderie touched on how and why the CoworkingOntario collective started and Ashley Proctor from Foundery explained how COHIP came to be the biggest project of our collective to date.

Jacob Sayles from Office Nomads wrapped this up wonderfully by saying:

“It really does push the question about what kind of impact can your next collaboration have. If you have ideas stewing around in your brain, how can you collaborate with others and how can that accelerate your success?”

Thanks to everyone who made this talk happen, both on screen and behind the scenes. We’re looking forward to future talks to keep the core values in the conversation.

You can sign up for future talks at

Core Values Talk - Collaboration Jan 16, 2014

Coworking Core ValuesOn Jan 16, join Ashley Proctor from Foundery and Rachel Young from Camaraderie  as we discuss the core values of coworking‬, the Coworking Ontario collective, and ‪‎COHIP‬ in the first session about the core values of coworking, featuring collaboration.

The talk starts at 7:00pm eastern, and will also include members from New Work City in New York. Future broadcasts will feature the other core values and will vary in time and spaces represented.

Sign up for details and the broadcast link at


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