GCUC Canada + IndieCon Toronto

banner-box-3When we get together for GCUC, we tend to be people who are involved in the industry or movement of coworking. We tend to be space owners, service providers, researchers, or otherwise passionate leaders.

What’s missing from these conferences are the many reasons we care so much about this coworking thing – the people who comprise these coworking communities, filling them with the culture and meaning that makes them special.

This year at GCUC Canada, we’ll be bringing these two world together. We’ll be doing this by partnering with IndieCon, an unconference event in which independent workers share best practices, discuss common challenges, and form valuable bonds. IndieCon will be taking place in The Foundery Buildings on Saturday September 19, the day after GCUC Canada ends, with overlapping workshops taking place on September 18th.

The goal? Give people in the coworking movement a chance to connect directly with the people who they are here to serve, and give the people a chance to gain better insight into how they are a part of something much bigger than themselves or their own local spaces.

Right now, members of coworking communities have little direct connection to the global movement they’re a part of. This partnership gives us a chance to explore how these people can play a more prominent role in shaping the future of a movement that is, ultimately, here for them.

Join us as we make history at GCUC Canada and IndieCon Toronto this September.

Learn more about IndieCon here and register here.
Use the discount code ‘gcuc’ for 20% off.

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