Coworking Ontario

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About US

Coworking Ontario was established in 2011.

We are a collective of independent coworking spaces in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

We value collaboration over competition.

We share best practices, and work together on initiatives to promote coworking in our communities.

We strive to achieve the global core values of coworking.

We are changing the way we work in Ontario.


There is a coworking community out there, that is perfect for you.

We all need something a little different to be our best. That’s why every coworking community is unique.

Set your priorities, and we’ll help you find a coworking space that meets your needs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many coworking spaces are offering virtual memberships to assist with mail and deliveries, navigating support for small businesses, and keeping you connected with your local community.

Find your space today!

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Coworking Ontario 2022 Unconference

Fall 2022
Location: Zoom


You do not need to be a member of the collective to attend.

If you run a coworking space in Ontario, and you’re interested in collaborating, strengthening your community, shaping the future of work, supporting small businesses, and making meaningful connections – you should join us!

If you’re interested in joining the Coworking Ontario Collective, this would be a perfect opportunity to get to meet the group!

Sponsors & Partners

It takes a dedicated team of value-aligned sponsors, partners & volunteers to keep the coworking movement and it’s collectives thriving. Thank you for all the work you do to support Coworking Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who is eligible to join the collective?

A:  If you own and/or operate a coworking space in Ontario, and you are committed to supporting your members, empowering your community, and collaborating with others to achieve great things – we encourage you to apply.

Q:  How do I apply to join the Coworking Ontario Collective?

A:  If you are a coworking space operator Ontario and you want to join the collective, please complete the 2022 Application Form.

Q:  How often do you meet?

A:  We meet monthly online to check in across Ontario, and we gather annually for the Coworking Ontario Unconference. Working groups and volunteers meet more frequently, as required.

Q:  How can I support Coworking Ontario?

A:  Please contact us to discuss partnership and sponsorship options.

Q:  Have more questions?

A:  Please contact us using the form below – we’re happy to help!

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